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HETA ASSET RESOLUTION AG (“HETA”), a company owned by the Republic of Austria, holds a loan portfolio representing approx. EUR 135m of notional amount (the “Portfolio”). The Portfolio is divided into three tranches with different maturities, each backed by individual residential housing loans granted by the state of Upper Austria. HETA intends to divest the Portfolio to a Preferred Eligible Investor (as defined below). The contemplated transfer of the Portfolio is hereinafter referred to as the "Omega II Transaction”. It is envisaged to conduct the Omega II Transaction in the form of an asset deal in an open, transparent and non-discriminatory bidding process, which is anticipated to be closed by the end of the 1st quarter of 2020. The Omega II Transaction shall be governed by Austrian law. Although it is the clear preference to divest the Portfolio via one single transaction to one bidder, separate expressions of interest and/or bids for entire individual tranches are also permitted provided that the interested parties explicitly highlight their limited interest. The commercially best bid will be selected, with preferential treatment given to offers covering all three tranches of the Portfolio. HETA has appointed PwC Advisory Services GmbH (“PwC”) as financial adviser to assist with the Omega II Transaction. Individual entities or consortia interested in participating in the Omega II Transaction (each, an “Interested Party”) are required to submit a written expression of interest (“EoI”) containing at least the following: a) Name, address and short description of the Interested Party (or of each consortium member in case of a consortium), including name and information regarding its owners up to its ultimate beneficial owner, and contact details of the person(s) who can be contacted in case of queries. b) Rationale for participating in the Omega II Transaction. c) Confirmation that the Interested Party is acting as principal for its own account or, in case of agents or brokers submitting an EoI on behalf of an Interested Party, submission of written and adequate proof of the power of representation of such agent or broker. d) Information indicating that the Interested Party may be deemed as Preferred Eligible Investor. The following legal entities qualify as preferred eligible investor ("Preferred Eligible Investor"): a) financial institutions seated in the EEA or Switzerland (including insurance companies, pension funds and similar regulated entities); b) special securitization entities pursuant to § 3 (5) Austrian Banking Act (BWG) or special securitization entities pursuant to Art 4 para 1 no. 66 of the Regulation (EU) No. 575/2013 (CRR), which are seated in the EEA or Switzerland.



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